My top 5 core values: #3 Plan First, Act Second

As a chief EXECUTIVE officer runs most companies, running a business is all about execution, right? Well yes and no….

The importance of planning
To flawlessly execute without proper planning is almost impossible. As we like to say, the devil is in the details and unless you have thought about it before, you will most likely have problems executing with you will hit some bumps in the road. The better your planning is, the better your execution will be.

Planning takes time
No matter how much you want to “wing it”, planning requires time (and patience). Always allocate extra time for your planning process – whether is it to reveal a new product, announce a new acquisition or launch a new sales tour. And the more complex is what you are trying to accomplish, the more time is needed.

Planning is about sharing information
How many times have you seen an execution fail because one person did not fully understand their role? Or that something was not done (oups!)? Or you sent the press release too early (ouch!)? A good plan helps to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Throughout all the mergers and acquisitions I have been thru, I have gotten to appreciate the importance of a good plan. The better everybody knows what they have to do, the better the execution will be.

Plan first, act second
No matter how much time your planning takes, do not start acting or executing before you’re done. Once the wheels start turning, it is very hard to stop the machine. If you’re running out of time, it means that you did not allocate enough time (or energy) to your planning process.

Indeed, once you have the right plan, you can get everybody to start executing. Then all you have to worry about is that everybody are executing to plan …

Next Core Value: Quality of Execution

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