My top 5 core values: #2 Challenge Status Quo

Ok now we’ve got ourselves in thinking differently. That’s a very good thing. This will allow you to find new and innovative solutions to well documented market problems. Next on my list or Core Values is all about making your business run better. Here I am not talking about fixing your weaknesses but rather to Challenging Status Quo.

Don’t leave no stone unturned
I always like to review every bits and pieces of the business. I want to make sure that everybody understands why we are doing things. Never assume that how we do things is the right way. Unless you challenge status quo, you will never find out what could be improved.

Knowing does not mean you must fix it – at least not yet
Ok, so I am not crazy. I believe that challenging status quo is a good thing but this is not a permit to redesign everything all the time. It just means that you know why you are doing certain things. They might not be perfect but at least you don’t just assume that things all just fine and dandy. Beyond the challenge, you can only pick the right battles and fix what really needs fixing.

Nothing wrong with asking questions
One of my tricks is to frequently ask questions, why are we doing certain things? Could we do it better? Is they’re a more efficient method? Some might say that this is being never happy with things – but for me it’s more about understanding. Do you really understand your business and what people are doing (or trying to do) in order to make the Company successful?

Challenging is a quick process
This does not mean that you are putting in place senatorial committees. Many times, a challenge can last a few hours of a few days … once you achieve understanding or are happy with the answers; there is no need to go deeper. This sometimes require playing dumb – don’t behave like you know and are aware of everything.  Not being 100% aware can help you ask better questions and get ultimately better answers. Nobody is interested in talking to someone that already knows about things …

Ultimately, this is all about being curious, never assuming that things are all 100% ok and seeking to find answers in order to better understand your business. Think of this as fine-tuning a high performance Formula 1 engine… Things are never done.

Next Core Value: Plan First, Act Second

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